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Past Ghost Walks

These are some pictures of past Ghost Walks.                    
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Medal.JPG (155036 bytes)

Medal Of Honor:
Drew D. Dix, William J. Crawford, Carl Sitter and Raymond G. Murphy

Ba.JPG (146141 bytes)

Bat Masterson (gunfighter and lawman)

Damon.JPG (144097 bytes)
Damon Runyon (
newspaperman and writer)


Dutch.JPG (157388 bytes)
Dutch Clark (professional football player for the Detroit Lions from 
Central High School in Pueblo, Colorado)
Jose.JPG (127471 bytes)

Jose Benito Sandoval - Christmas Day Massacre at Fort El Pueblo
Ladies.JPG (143665 bytes)

Ladies of The Night
LaLlarona.JPG (136241 bytes)

La Llorona (the weeping woman)
Pretty.JPG (129921 bytes)

Pretty Boy Floyd (
American bank robber and alleged killer)
Queen.JPG (157125 bytes)

Queen Silver & Mineral Palace
Zebulon.JPG (84506 bytes)

Zebulon Pike (explorer)